What if a growing forest made more noise than a falling tree?
Sango was created out of a powerful desire to draw attention to initiatives that set out to change the world.

Sango aims to inspire engagement and contribute to shaping a global society in which understanding, responsibility, cooperation, and respect for the environment and human beings – whoever and wherever they may be – prevail.

This manifesto describes these guiding principles.


At Sango, we…

Trust in the power of positive communication to bring about societal change.

Recognise our responsibility as communication specialists in shaping a new world that promotes respect for the environment and for human beings.

Strongly believe that all project stakeholders have a meaningful part to play in these efforts.

Acknowledge the challenges that freelancers face in the communications industry.

Defend a horizontal vision of work and encourage collective intelligence, fairness, and collaboration.

Stand determined to guide organisations, their leaders and their teams, through the major challenges of progressing towards sustainable development.

Are convinced that if we want to change the world, people need to know how it is happening.


At Sango, we undertake to…

  • Draw attention to solutions and stories of hope, to spark engagement and inspire action.
  • Position results at the heart of our actions by designing innovative, responsible solutions, to raise awareness, build new narratives, and devote creativity to the general good.
  • Favour active listening and cooperation, following an approach that includes all people, regardless of their gender, beliefs, or status within their organisation.
  • Provide freelancers with opportunities to become involved in cohesive and collaborative enterprises, with the guarantee of fair and equitable rates.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing, communication and cooperation, by involving our partners in the agency’s strategic decision-making processes – in line with a shared governance approach.
  • Work exclusively with organisations that actively contribute to building a more just, peaceful, and environmentally respectful world.
  • Devote a portion of the profits we make to our fund, Sango Social, to spotlight social or environmental projects that lack sufficient means to communicate on their work.

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